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MMOEXP : Elden Ring's bosses are difficult enough for me no matter  Markiere einen Text im Beitrag und klicke dann hier, um den markierten Text bei google zu suchen Zum Anfang der Seite springen

 Elden Ring Runes Fan Beats Multiple Bosses While Curled In A Fetal Position

Elden Ring's bosses are difficult enough for me no matter how prepared I am for fighting them. It's just amazing (and very frustrating) watching someone take on them without doing anything. A good example is YouTuber InfernoPlus is back with a new clip of cheesing bosses by siccing an impressive spirit summon upon them, and then laying around doing absolutely nothing other than.

In their most recent clip, Inferno demonstrates the technique to polish off Elden Ring's most difficult enemies-in this case using Banished Knight Oleg's spirit ash-without ever having to use the controller. In the last weekend, Inferno uploaded a video of the band doing absolutely nothing while their spirit ash, known as the Raya Lucaria Soldiers were doing the hard work of killing The Tree Sentinel that roams the early parts of Limgrave. The video was hilarious and included Inferno lying on rock and watching while the three Ethereal warriors were close to laying an end to the golden, halberd-swinging warriors.

In this video clip Inferno is seen performing a variety of gestures (including one known as "balled down," which has you lying on the ground in a fetal posture), all while the Banished Knight Oleg went to town on bosses like Leonine Misbegotten, the Bell Bearing Hunter and Leonine Misbegotten. And not once did Inferno take damage during gesturing. A part of me is stricken because of how hard certain enemies are however I cannot not help but smile at how easy it is for me to cheese Elden Ring bosses.

It's important to note that this is an early game. Inferno's Hero was level 15, and their Banished Knight Oleg only upgraded to +9. However, this summon is very effective If you can pick it up from The Fringefolk Heroes Grave at Limgrave. You gotta fight the big and hard Ulcerated Tree Spirit in the dungeon's final battle to get the summon, but it does massive damage and has high combo potential due to its two swords making it a good choice when you are preparing for Elden's final fight.

Inferno informed MMOexp through the phone that summoning a spirit Ash is the best choice in most instances because  buy Elden Ring Items doesn't register your ghosts as players, so the boss's health doesn't increase.

"You can get an extremely high-level summoning beat almost every monster of Limgrave, Stormveil, Raya Lucaria, and Liurnia.
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