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Dabei seit: 13.05.2023
Zuletzt online: 13.05.2023
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A few Madden NFL 23 bugs brought up in November  Markiere einen Text im Beitrag und klicke dann hier, um den markierten Text bei google zu suchen Zum Anfang der Seite springen

While EA Sports continues to address as many problems as possible, a few Madden NFL 23 bugs brought up in November are still making the rounds and causing players headaches  Madden㺗 Coins . While the glitch featured in this video might be one that players want to keep in the game, the biggest area of concern is not how bad a bug is, but how many are still active within the game.

Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing when EA will be able to get to them all, and for now, they'll remain in place, for better or for worse. For now, it's up to the players to continue reporting these issues, holding onto hope that they will be resolved in future updates.

The online gaming world can pair players against some of the best out there. With the number of modes and the variety of playing styles, the possibilities can feel endless at times. However, video games will always have exploits along with those who take advantage of them, and Madden NFL 23 is no exception.

With exploits come a small minority of players that love to take advantage of them, and it's nearly impossible to create a video game that doesn't have one or the other. In Madden NFL 23. one such exploit allows players to intentionally desync from an opponent and pick up a victory, regardless of whether they were winning or losing during the game.

Reddit user GaryDGod took to the website posting a video of an interaction between himself and his online opponent  Cheap Madden nfl㺗 Coins . For context, GaryDGod claims he played the user in question several times, continuously beating him before the player desyncs himself, putting an end to the match.
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