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Dabei seit: 24.05.2018
Zuletzt online: 05.06.2018
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I have a strange and intermittent problem with my new stereo install that I am a suspecting is an amp issue...but one that I can't quite wrap my head around. The amp is an old Alpine V12 4 channel that I had sitting in storage for a few years that I decided to install into my new car to save money...When playing at moderate volumes it appears that 1 channel (drivers side front) will randomly drop volume to about half levels. It stays quiet long enough that I was able to experiment with the other channel gains in the head unit and I was able to match the volume with about a 6db cut to the passenger side. So 6db=half power approximately. The really strange thing is that the channel volume will come back to what it should be if I turn the source volume UP. At the higher volume level (which is uncomfortably loud) it has never yet had an issue. This says to me that it can't be overloaded or overheating since more power solves the problem.
Since the door speaker keeps playing, only quieter, I don't think it could be a wiring problem between the amp and speaker. And since the other 3 channels appear to have no issue I doubt it is a power wire I am really confused.
Has anyone seen this type of failure mode with an amplifier before? Could it be something like a cold solder crack causing internal resistance dropping the volume that is heated and reconnects at higher voltages? Could it be a transistor stage going bad, somehow?

Please help

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Thank you

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